Our Work with Online MedEd

The Challenge:
Online MedEd had experienced rapid growth as an organization and now commanded 75% of the online education space for medical students going through school. Like any rapid growth organization, they had hit a critical tipping point in which their manual systems were no longer proving effective for on-boarding and engaging / upselling their audience at scale - both for new and current customers. They needed an easier way for email marketing, attribution modeling, workflow management, CRM and lead scoring....they needed automation.

The Solution:
We worked with Online MedEd to source automation platforms specific to their needs. In the end, we went the leading B2C Automation platform - HubSpot. It was then our role to integrate the marketing automation platform into OME's systems and processes and then to leverage marketing to help them scale. This was inclusive of the integration of disparate systems, customer and persona list segmentation matched with product matrixes, automated workflows for various client facing processes, email marketing and dynamic landing page and asset design and implementation.

Services Used:

  • Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Automation
  • Design
  • Development
  • Data Analytics

Project Details

Work with OME to define goals and intended outcomes as it relates to marketing automation processes and sales growth
Designing and mapping product matrixes to automation workflows with different touchpoints per product, track and persona
Asset Creation
Design, build and launch a host of assets ranging from email templates to landing page templates to be used for automation


From trips around the country to white-boarding sessions to the weekly brainstorming calls, planning was paramount given the scope and breadth of outcomes needed to be achieved matched with the explosive growth and speed in which OME was operating on a daily basis. Like any organization, OME had a lot of moving pieces, sophisticated systems and product setups. We needed to unpack all of this, draw correlations, find the patterns and begin to map it out so that we could take manual processes and bring automation to them.


#3Asset Creation

Email Design and Build

As a part of the automation processes, we built a series of approximately 16 responsive templates with features such as: dynamically smart-content based off customer contact personas, dynamic imagery and personalization, built for automation and one-to-one email deployments.

Landing Page Design / Dev

Throughout the process, we worked with OME to identify different modules and landing page templates we would need to create. Instead of creating static landing pages, we chose the route of creating dynamic modules giving OME the maximum amount of flexibility to build infinite pairings of pages.

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